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Mr. Abdou DIAW

Economic journalist at Soleil Business, Economic and Financial Magazine in partnership with Financial Times. Head of Trade and Transport.

Mr. Abdou Diaw evolves in the field of economic and financial journalism within the Senegalese media «The sun», since 2010.

After 21 years of career within the SA EDUARDO VIEIRA Group (Amerger and Senevisa), she joined SOPASEN (the Senegalese Fishing and Armament Company) for other challenges. Ms. NIANG is Treasurer of the Group of Fishing Shipowners and Industrialists in Senegal (GAIPES) and co-founder of FS PRO and ESKIMO, Senegalese startups.

She was the chosen candidate for Senegal in the AWEP program (African Women Entrepreneurship Program) in 2011.


18, street Joseph Anoma Abidjan - Ivory Coast


(225) 27 20 32 66 85
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